Wild Animal Park In Bannerghatta, Bangalore!

0 comments // in Recent // January 16, 2012

Bangalore is the city which boasts for its historical importance, holds a lot of other things too other than the normal botanical gardens around the city and the different types of people, different cultures, age old temples and age old buildings which depict the ancient architecture so well that people just lose themselves in the beauty of it! Bangalore is one of those rare cities, where-in a visitor tends to make this place his hometown. Such is the beauty of Bangalore. To add another feather to the cap of the bangaloreans is the Bannerghatta National park, which is one of the biggest parks of India.
The park is one of its kind which is a man made park and it is widely spread to accomodate all kinds of aild creatures on earth. The National park provides a safari ride through the whole park for its visitors so that everyone could take a good look of all the animals in the closer view.
The park is the home for a wide variety of birds, domestic animals, water animals and Of Course, the wide range of wild animals right from the leopard to the tigers to the lions, zebras, panthers, white tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, bears, spotted dears, normal dears and what not.
Bannerghatta National Park is the one stop for all the animal lovers, right from the kids to the elder one’s enjoying the visit in the same excitement. Get yourself ready for this Wild Safari into the wild forest when you drop into India sometime.