Training Camp will be built for Washington Redskins: A $40 Million Project in Richmond

0 comments // in Recent // November 30, 2012

A training camp facility destined for health and wellness services for the Washington Redskins will be built on state land behind the Science Museum of Virginia. Bon Secours will sponsor the $10 million for this first class facility camp. Sponsor will deliver around $40 million for the well being and development of the city which will provide 200 jobs to the natives. This will include an outstanding camp site and boost up the major economic growth of the state.

Organizers are expecting to higher up the position of Richmond and built the most interesting training camp facility across the country. Camp’s fields and facilities will be available for the residents during off season. Proper training and exercise is the key for men’s health and wellness. This camp will be the opportunity place for extra-ordinary health issues.

Builders will get a land lease from the state and a loan will be sanctioned by the city’s Economic Development to boost the construction. They intend to make the camp ready for the next summer. Washington Redskins will hold eight year commitment and maintain the camp for their training. The whole process needs to complete very first but the builders and officials are expecting to complete the whole project in time with the appropriate support. The Economic Development of the city will remain responsible for managing and operating the facility.

The city will lend $10 million for the construction of the camp and through Bon Secours presence and connection they will get back the loan amount from various sponsorship and rent. The Washington site will be given to Bon Secours. Builders have given a plan for 75,000 square feet medical office building for the 120 workers.

City officials are trying to build a healthy community and with this agreement Bon Secours will take part in the effort. City will face a good economic impact and if everything goes as planned Richmond will see the development soon.