Tent Camping: A Camp Night with Family

0 comments // in Recent // August 28, 2012

I am not so proud to say that I am the kind of people who can’t put a tent. I am the younger son of a large family when I was perfectly aged for camping my parents left it already. Before my first son was born I haven’t been exposed to boy scouts or any camping. The time came when my own family needs to spend amazing outdoor time. We planned a trip to Cape Cod and when we started to take preparation I couldn’t do a thing. But my wife has a great capability to put things together and comes handy in here.

We choose Sweetwater Forest Campground in Brewster on the north side of Cape Cod, a little town for our tent camping. We took REI self-inflating camping pads, sleeping bags, Agnes tent and all our gear into the family trickster and started driving for the Sweetwater. After we reached there we took a site with privacy and away from noisy neighborhoods. Though it had lots of protruding tree branches and only ground level was suitable for a tent. I was just standing there and trying to help my wife to put up the tent and everything.

Around in an hour we were almost ready and all of the credit goes to my wife. We made campfire and in it we cooked S’mores. One of my boy preferred chocolate and he insisted to not eating anything else. So, after finishing dinner we straight went inside the tent and sleeping bag. My boys were wondering if it’s possible to live like this permanently.

My wife told a tale about King Solomon, it felt so real in this exciting situation under the open sky so close with nature. We had great chat that night and enjoyed it very much. Chorus of birds awakened us in the morning and we saw day’s first light creeping in our tent. Really, it was an amazing night with my family and soon we will make another trip.