Reserving Campsites at Lake Solano and Sandy Beach need a Few Clicks

0 comments // in Recent // February 25, 2013

There was once a time when reservation systems were available only through phone. Later, internet technology replaced reservation system over phones. A good example is restaurants’ online reservation system that has been very popular all around the world. Now campsites are also getting online and offering reservation through internet.

Reserving campsites at Lake Solano and Sandy Beach parks is now available online and a few clicks away. County Parks Service Manager, Dan Sykes, announced this new option and said that “we are really very excited to have a convenient online park reservation system available for our park patrons. The online reservation makes it very easier to enjoy all of the amenities that Lake Solano and Sandy Beach parks have to offer. One can make reservation anytime from anywhere and there is no waiting for someone to call you back. This is really a great opportunity for all.” Telephone and in-person reservations are still available with park staffs.

The online reservation system allows you to view maps and pictures before you pick a site. You can choose your reservation date and pay instantly through a credit or debit card.

The system also allows you to check a calendar available dates for renting the Lake Solano Youth Group Area and Nature Center. However, reserving these facilities still requires a call to the park staffs. Sandy Beach Park’s picnic sites will remain first-come, first-served.

The system is indeed the CAMAVA- CAmping MArina VAcation – reservation software from ArtStreet Interactive of San Diego, however, it has been customized for Solano County Parks. This system is used by multiple county park systems and campgrounds throughout the California.

Sykes said, “the system is really simple and comes with a good reputation. It will streamline recordkeeping and fee collections”.