Reserve Street Bridge campsites will be cleaned up by the MDT

0 comments // in Recent // December 15, 2012

In Missoula there are 22 loose communities of identifiable campsites on the east and west side of the Reserve Street Bridge. In a recent statement, The Montana Department of Transportation announced they will clean this island with professional help. The Department sought help from the civic and law enforcement leaders and a professional environmental contractor to do the cleaning job. They intend to do the cleaning perfectly and to make sure everything is okay, they will work together with the experts.

The south side of the Clark Fork River is the home for the most of the illegal campsites. In the winter most of these sites are abandoned but in warm weather they are filled with the illegal campers. The most irritating part is that, these illegal campers don’t actually care about the environment of the sites. When they abandon the campsites there’s no one to take care of their junk. As the high water flows, all of it gets washed by the river.

Health officials and law enforcement officers are worried about excrement and safety issues. Though there’s not much to report about violence in these campsites but for the neighborhood, river cleanup crews and sports men these areas get dangerous during warm weather.

Law enforcement officers and the Department decided to start the cleaning with a three pronged strategy. Where people live directly underneath most of the bridges of Missoula, Reserve Street Bridge is an exception.

The officials already visited the island several times and taught the campers about environment and safety issues. Also, the campers were introduced to the safety and health related services available to them. Their initiative again proved that they give importance on the camper’s health and safety and with the proper help these campsites will become more friendly for the campers who want to visit here.