Must know facts for tent camping in UAE

0 comments // in Recent // January 7, 2013

This weather and timing is perfect for tenting in the desert near the Wadis. Have enough time in hand? Want to get away from city life? Then leave the boring life behind and start journey towards tranquil life for few days. It’s not as easy as it looks. Tent camping in desert needs preparation and well maintained check list otherwise you could end up in a painful situation.

First of all you’ve to make a checklist of all essential materials you’ll be needed for camping. And make sure all the equipments meet safety standards. The list includes taking necessary precautions once you’re in the camp ground. You can choose from a long list of popular sites Shwaib, Wadi Bih, Wadi Sana, Musandam and Khasab.

In UAE you can get two types of camping trips. If you want long term camping then you’ll have to take permission from the Dubai Municipality. On the other hand overnight camping is easier. Outdoor enthusiasts can camp at any place they like.

During camping you can become a part of the nature but never ever go for hunting. Hunting animals in the wildlife is not allowed and it is a criminal offence in this part of the world. Removing sand or big tree is also counts as offensive act. Also, you should always remember not to litter and to keep garbage with you until it can be disposed of in a designated area, so that the environment is not affected and remains clean.

For outdoor camping government has provided easy to follow but strict guidelines. During ten camping in UAE always follow the guidelines, respect the law and have awesome time with nature.