Music is relative for Evanston’s Vamos family

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She is particularly delighted that two of her sons married violinists — both of whom studied with Almita when the Vamos family lived in Minnesota and the couple commuted weekends to the Music Institute. “They are great girls,” she said. “We’re doing the Bach Concerto for Three Violins. I call it the In-Law Concerto!”

Friends and family members will accompany the concerto, under Roland’s baton.

There is a charge for admission, but Almita insisted nothing is going go to the musicians. “That charge is for the hall,” she said. “We are all family and friends — no one is being paid.”

The Vamoses have six grandchildren — four study musical instruments and two are still too young. “Wait five years,” Almita said. “Then, hopefully, they’ll all be playing with us.”

Even musical families, however, cannot persuade everyone to follow the muse. “Our brother Seth studied violin until he was 16,” Brandon said, “but now he’s in real estate.”

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Music is relative for Evanston’s Vamos family