Desoto Falls: Amazing hiking ground in Georgia

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To pass amazing time with family and friends Desoto Falls Campsites in Georgia are the best. In 1880’s, when the lumber companies began to over foresting the area, a discovery of armor plate is emphasized on the name of these sites. Lots of evergreen trees have made this area one of the most attractive places for hiking, camping and fishing.

Since early 1980’s, Desoto Falls is one of the most enjoyable sites for hiking. In the spring, especially after a rainstorm the water flows heavily. From mid-April to May, this heavy flow of water, wildflowers and rhododendron in combination makes the hiking quite adventurous. Also, brown roofed cabins in the parking lot and gravel covered trail drops are for picnic and grills. Go to a little left and enjoy the outstanding riverbank view from Frogtown Creek mountain stream. Walk into the trail for 0.1 mile and the campground host site is there for you with a bridge crossing the Frogtown Creek in the right.

Follow the trail after crossing the hand railings the origin of the name is described and the trail splits here. In the left, there’s the easy way to climb back into Lower Falls. Turn right and enjoy a large rock projection. You can then climb the final 50 feet where’s a view platform is right underneath the falls. The scenario of free falling water from the top to an around 35 feet small pool is quite charming from this platform. After the falls the river flows sharply down to the mountain.

Straight ahead is the old logging road which is roaming through wide floodplain of the river. On the right of the Frogtown Creek a branch joins. If you want to climb up there’s your path, begins with three easy climbing steps and sometimes it is covered with massive rhododendron. Throughout the hike, the water flow makes sweet gurgle, quite enjoyable for the hikers.