Camping in Hawaii: Give it a try

0 comments // in Recent // December 1, 2012

In this summer if you are planning for a camping (which I suggest is the right thing to do), Hawaii would be one of the best option in hand. Camping is the most appropriate way to appreciate natural beauty of Hawaii, where you will find yourself surrounded by true beauty of nature. Hawaii is more versatile if you consider it to other campsites- from tent camping on the beach, to camping on hilly mountains that make you forget you are even on a tropical island.

Camping in Hawaii may sound costly to you, which is pretty wrong. I said it before Hawaii is versatile, you will find some free of charge campsites, which don’t even require any reservations, while others charge a nightly fee.

If you are planning ahead for an enjoyable camping leisure in Hawaii, then let me add some key places to visit.

One of the most beautiful places in Hawaii is Oahu, which offers 16 magnificent camping areas throughout the island. In Oahu, some scenic beauty places like Bellows Field Beach Park, this is more accessible with a military/U.S. Department of Defense ID card. And if you are planning of camping away from everything, then you got the option of Peacock flats inside the Mokuleia Forest Reserve.

Big Island:
Another exotic place is The Big Island. Namakani Paio is an attractive option for camping next to a live volcano and it doesn’t require any reservations and is free of charge for tent camping. Another remote and interesting campsite is situated at the Waimanu Valley but unfortunately it doesn’t have any facilities at the campsite.

Haleakala National Park is one of the best places to camp within. It is a dead volcano, and it is very much possible to camp within the crater itself.