Best Campsites in Georgia

0 comments // in Recent // June 29, 2012

There is no doubt campsites are best to pass the night outdoor. It has been great way to enjoy free time with friends and family. Campsites are a real fun here in Georgia as there are so many campsites that are famous for their own beauty. It was really hard to define the best campsites; however, I have come with a list of great campsites in Goergia.

Amicalola Falls State Park Campsite:
This is an amazing park that features Amicalola falls, which is reputed as the tallest fall in the east. However, the park is more than about a waterfall. The combination of mountains, waterfall and facilities makes it the top choice for campsite.

Northeast Georgia Mountain Campsite:
It is situated at the northern part of the state where mountains region offers plenty of unique opportunities to have experience of regional mountain cultures. Primitive Campsites, isolated backwoods and nicely appointed lakeside campsites are available here. For those who want to escape from heat of lower elevations, this is a heaven. Winter is magical here.

Desoto Falls Campsites:
This is the best option for those campers who want to enjoy the scenery of the falls and Raven Cliffs Wilderness. If you have enjoyed a night here, then it may be hard to you to go away. Probably, it is the most densely forested campsites in Georgia. Numerous evergreen trees make it one of the best campsites and because of these trees, the campsites seem more diffused.

Georgia Coastal Region Campsite:
This is for those who love coastal region. Georgia has a wonderful coastline that is 100 miles long and this region has been a great combination of gentile southern history, breathtaking beauty, and modern growth and development. Trust me, Georgia Coastal region is an amazing place for camping. It won’t disappoint you.