Summer Camp

Hop on over to Chehaw this summer for many exciting adventures! Enjoy animal encounters, crafts, games, and exploring the natural world! Get your tadpole tail a movin’ and register today!! New this year – discounts available if you want to attend more than one camp!

Each camp consists of half-day sessions with age specific themes. Age groups are 4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-12 years old. Each camp class will have a maximum of 16 participants and will be taught by Chehaw’s Education Staff. Scroll down to find the camps you want! 

Camp Dates and Times

Camps for 4 yr olds:
Turtlenecks & Monkey Suits: June 22-26 (9-11am)
Paws, Jaws & Claws: July 27-31 (9-11am)

Camps for 5-6 yr olds:
Heroes & Herons: June 8-12 (9am-12pm)
Turtlenecks & Monkey Suits: June 22-26 (1-4pm)
Turtle Trackers: June 29-July 3 (9am-12pm)
Playing „Possum: July 13-17 (9am-12pm)
Paws, Jaws & Claws: July 27-31 (1-4pm)

Camps for 7-8 yr olds:
Heroes & Herons: June 8-12 (1-4pm)
Turtle Trackers: June 29-July 3 (1-4pm)
Zoo Tycoon: July 6-10 (9am-12pm)
Playing „Possum: July 13-17 (1-4pm)
Lab Rats: July 20-24 (9am-12pm)

Camps for 9-12 yr olds:
Up the Creek: June 1-5 (9am-12pm) or (1-4pm)
Pirates of the Muckalee: June 15-19 (9am-12pm) or (1-4pm)
Bring Your “A” Game: July 6-10 (1-4pm)
Lab Rats: July 20-24 (1-4pm)

Camp Cost Per Week*

4 yr olds: members – $70
non-members – $80
5-12 yr olds: members – $80
non-members – $90

* New This Year! 1st camp Regular Price
Each Additional Camp $10 off
Camp Details

Bring Your “A” Game: It‟s a photo finish at the cheetah race! The dung beetle shoots and scores! Hooray, the flying squirrel hit his mark! All of these animals are playing sports, but the competition isn‟t for a gold medal, it‟s for survival! So bring your “A”nimal game, and come throw a disc, paddle a canoe, and more. See if you have what it takes to survive.

Heroes & Herons: Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, why is everyone trying to be an animal? Discover how and why animals are incredible “superheroes”, and why superheroes want those powers. Create your own “superhero” animal and then determine what superpowers it will possess to survive . Explore amazing animal adaptations through games, crafts, and animal encounters.

Lab Rats: Do you want to see a volcano erupt? Would you like to make your very own tornado? Explore science and nature by creating some simple, yet amazing projects and experiments. Even experiment to determine what type of treats the lemurs like best. You‟ll be amazed by how many different things you can use to make slime! Come join us, it will be fun-tastic!

Paws, Jaws, & Claws: Are you ready to tear into summer? Meet some of the animals that give new meaning to the term power tools. Learn about how and why animals eat, hide, travel, climb, and a whole lot more! Watch our Burmese python go for a stroll! See Chehaw‟s animals use their paws, claws, and jaws to eat snacks specially prepared by you.

Pirates of the Muckalee: PREREQUISITE: Up the Creek (either this year or any previous year). Ahoy matey! You be survivn‟ the waters once, now climb in a canoe, raise yer jolly rodger, and find yer booty! Use a map and compass wi‟ yer canoein‟ for a great, grand adventure, Aarrrr! Shiver me timbers! We best hurry before some scallywag be stealin‟ the doubloons!

Playing “Possum”: Put down those video games and get ready to run, jump and play! Learn some new games, and play some old ones. Watch our cheetahs as they play with zookeepers and each other! See the lemurs chase each other; learn why playing is an important part of growing up. Come play ‘possum with us!!

Turtle Trackers: Where do turtles live? Find out the answers as you track wild turtles deep into their natural habitat. Learn valuable outdoor skills. Make tracks of your favorite animal! Go wild as we stomp into the outdoors.

Turtlenecks and Monkey Suits: Monkeys don‟t really wear suits, do they? Well sure, they wear a suit of fur! It could be feathers, fur, scales, or skin; all animals “wear” something useful. Touch a pointy porcupine quill and soft lemur fur, and discover how animals use them! Whether it‟s slimy, scaly, smooth, rough, soft or tough, an animal‟s outfit is its super survival suit.

Up The Creek: Don‟t worry, we‟ll give you a paddle! Join us in discovering the Muckalee Creek, the heart of an ecosystem. Learn how to safely canoe and navigate the creek as we explore Chehaw‟s backyard on the water. Meet animals that might inhabit this area, discover how you can help them to survive. Note: This is a physically demanding camp.

Zoo Tycoon: Would it be easy to run a zoo? Be the director and find out! Go behind the scenes, meet the keepers, find out what it takes to take care of the animals, and actually care for a few. Work together to design a zoo and build your own exhibit in the classroom!

Important “Stuff”

Information for 4 year olds: Please make sure that your child is potty trained and comfortable in group settings.

Information for EVERYONE! All campers will receive one T-shirt per camp week. Once registered, a camp information packet will be sent through
email. There will be an optional sleepover for all 9-12 year old camps. Age guidelines are not negotiable. No refunds will be given on cancellations made less than 3 weeks before the camp date. A processing fee is charged on all cancellations.