BMX Bicycle Track

Who we are
The Parks at Chehaw BMX is a bicycle motorcross (BMX) track located inside the park through generous support of the Friends of Chehaw Conservation Society and the National Bicycle League (NBL). For those of you who have never heard of BMX and NBL, we are a non-profit, community-run bicycle racing organization dedicated to providing a safe, family-oriented environment for children (and occasionally parents) who would like to race bicycles in a motorcross environment.

Rider information and safety gear
Riders must have the following items to practice/race at the track:

NBL membership
Long pants
Long sleeved shirts
Full-face helmets
Bicycles must meet track sanctioned safety requirements.
Track officials will assist in preparing your bicycle to race.

Volunteers make the track run
Chehaw BMX is always looking for individuals to help volunteer with
maintenance, practice and all races. This is a significant part of
success of the track and continues support of the kids.

Race and practice times and schedule
Local races are run every week on Tuesday and Saturday with the exception of weekends of scheduled state and national races. Call the track for race and practice times. 2008 Schedule.

Sponsorship information
If you or your company is interested in sponsoring and/or advertising
at the track, sponsorship packages are available. The average local
race attendance is approximately 100 people. State races average more than 500 with the regional and national races bringing in more than 1,500 each.